Cookie Policy

Cookies are used on our website (https://www.polipilot.com) to enhance user experience and optimize website efficiency. This Cookie Policy is designed to inform all our website visitors and users about the types of cookies used and the conditions under which they are employed.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer or mobile device by websites you visit.

What kind of data is processed in cookies?

Our website's cookies may store browsing and user preferences for your device, depending on the types outlined below. This data includes information about the pages you visit, services and products you view, your language preferences, and other settings.

For what purposes are cookies used?

These small text files, which contain your preferred language and other settings, help us remember your preferences for your next visit, allowing us to enhance our services and improve your website experience. This enables you to have a better and personalized experience on your future visits.

The primary purposes of using cookies on our website are as follows:

- Improving website performance

- Enhancing and simplifying the services offered through the website

- Introducing new features on the website and customizing features according to your preferences

- Ensuring legal and commercial security for both you and our company

- Preventing fraudulent transactions on the website

- Customizing our support services according to your needs

Cookie Types

Types of Cookies Based on Storage Duration

Session Cookies

Session cookies ensure the proper functioning of the website during your visit. They are used for purposes such as ensuring the security and continuity of our sites during your visit. Session cookies are temporary and are deleted when you close your browser.

Permanent Cookies

Permanent cookies help our website remember your information and choices for your next visit. These cookies remain stored even after you close your browser or restart your computer until deleted through your browser settings.

Types of Cookies Based on Usage

First-Party and Third-Party Cookies

First-party cookies are used by our website, while third-party cookies are installed on your computer by websites other than ours. Both types are employed on our website. Data obtained from your visit to our website may be shared with our business partners, suppliers, legally authorized public institutions, and private individuals in accordance with the applicable Law.

Mandatory Cookies

Mandatory cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the website, including managing the system, creating user accounts, and enabling user logins.

Functional Cookies

Functional cookies are used to facilitate your website visit and improve your user experience. They enable easier access to content by remembering your previous visits.

Analytical Cookies

Analytical cookies contain data that helps us analyze which pages are more popular, which resources are viewed more frequently, and enables us to make improvements based on this traffic. This data is stored anonymously.

Advertising Cookies

Advertising or Targeting cookies identify content matching your interests and enable us to present personalized ads. Third-party advertising cookies may be placed on our website and mobile site to recognize you and provide tailored advertisements. These cookies are also used to measure ad efficiency.

Cookies We Use

- Google Analytics

- Intercom

- Doubleclick, Google Adwords

- WordPress Stats

- Hotjar

- Facebook Connect / Facebook Custom Audience

How Can You Prevent the Use of Cookies?

Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can block cookie acceptance by changing your browser settings. Note that without cookies, Polipilot's products cannot be personalized, and accessing some support services may be problematic.

For further information on managing cookies, please refer to the informative texts on cookies provided by recommended browsers:

Google Chrome


Mozilla Firefox

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If you have questions about cookie policies, data security, or information security, please contact us at privacy@polipilot.com.