Insurance and Risk Management System User Agreement

This Insurance and Risk Management System User Agreement ("Agreement") is the only agreement that will apply to the user ("Company") which has duly accepted and approved the terms of this Agreement online or through a Service Proposal and which subscribes to the website www.polipilot.com ("Site") managed by Digital Risk Management Platforms Limited ("Polipilot"), which is the sole owner of the Site.

The Agreement regulates the Company's subscription to the Insurance and Risk Management System ("Platform") accessed through the Site, the use of the Platform by the Company and its authorised employees ("Platform User" or "Platform Users") and determines the terms and conditions applicable to the use of the Platform.

Platform Subscription and Usage

The Company's subscription to the Platform is a non-exclusive, non-transferable subscription that is solely for the internal use of the Company. Unless otherwise stated in the Service Proposal, subscription to the Platform includes unlimited access in monthly periods for the Platform Users authorised by the Company.

Polipilot will provide the Platform to the Company in return for the Service Fees agreed upon in the Service Proposal. The Company acknowledges that if it does not pay the relevant Service Fees in full and on time, it will not be able to benefit from the Platform.

Polipilot will provide each Platform User approved by the Company with a password to access the Platform. The Company cannot transfer the password to any other person or organization, and the right to use the password and the obligation to ensure the confidentiality and security of the password belong to the Company itself. The Company acknowledges that it is solely responsible for any damages incurred by itself, Platform Users, and/or third parties due to the unauthorized use, loss, or change of the password, and that Polipilot will not be responsible for any damages that may occur in such a case.

All Platform Users must be employees of the Company or individuals specially assigned by the Company in accordance with the procedures specified by the Company to send Insurance Data and Third-Party Data to the Platform, view the data sent, and ensure that the data in the Platform is complete and accurate. The Company agrees to immediately inform Polipilot if a Platform User resigns from the Company or if their responsibilities regarding such data are terminated.

The Company is solely responsible for the activities of the Company officials to whom it grants access to the Platform. The Company must inform Polipilot of any unauthorized use it becomes aware of.

Polipilot grants the Company, within the scope of this Agreement, a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the Platform via the internet, for a limited period, to access the Platform and/or analyse and view additional insurance data ("Insurance Data"), including data related to the Company's insurance program, and/or third-party data ("Third-Party Data"), and necessary information in the format requested by Polipilot. For the effective use of the Platform, the Insurance Data and, if necessary, the Third-Party Data must be sent to Polipilot by the Company in a complete, accurate, and timely manner. The completeness and accuracy, as well as the up-to-datedness of the data in the Platform are solely under the control and responsibility of the Company and Platform Users. Polipilot does not provide any guarantee or warranty regarding the accuracy or completeness of the data in the Platform.

For the purpose of improving and developing the Site and the Platform by Polipilot and/or within the framework of legal regulations, certain information may be collected, including but not limited to the name of the internet service provider used to access the Site, the Internet Protocol (IP) address, the date and time of access to the Site, and the Internet address of the website that directly linked to the Site.

The Company agrees to comply with this Agreement, additional terms and documents referred to herein, and other conditions determined by Polipilot, the law, and the principles of integrity in all transactions it performs in connection with the use of the Platform. Ensuring that Platform Users also comply with this Agreement and other rules specified in this regard during the use of the Platform is the responsibility of the Company, and the Company is responsible for making all necessary notifications and obtaining the necessary approvals in this regard.

Intellectual Property

Polipilot and/or its affiliated third-party licensors own all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to written, audio, and visual content, photographs, images, graphics, tables, and similar information in the Platform, as well as all technical information and methodologies used in the Platform, including databases, tools, source codes, and more. Unauthorized use, access, or reproduction without prior written permission from Polipilot is prohibited. Polipilot reserves the right to monitor the use of the Platform for purposes including security and compliance with this Agreement. Regardless of the above, the Company and/or its third-party licensors must retain ownership of all data sent to the Platform by the Company and the intellectual property rights in such data, and must not violate the ownership rights of any third party in this way.

The Company may use the Platform only for the analysis, viewing, and management of insurance data by Platform Users within the organization of the Company, its controlled entities, or entities directly or indirectly owned by the same parent company as the Company ("Group Companies"), in accordance with similar standards on the market, provided that it does not modify, copy, sell, rent, or transfer the Platform to any third party. The Company is strictly prohibited from taking actions that may threaten the security of the Platform or Polipilot's systems, accessing the source code of the Platform or Polipilot's systems without authorization, copying, deleting, modifying, or attempting to do so, attempting to access Polipilot's servers, using software that may disrupt the operation of the Platform or other users, causing excessive load or disruption to the system or the Platform, using the Platform in a way that disrupts the operation of software, hardware, and servers of any kind, reverse engineering, launching attacks, occupying, or otherwise interfering. The Company agrees not to compete with Polipilot and the Platform in any way by using the methods mentioned above or in any other way. The Company is also responsible for ensuring that Platform Users comply with these prohibitions, and the Company will be jointly and severally liable for any breach and violation of this Agreement by Platform Users.


All information provided by the Company to Polipilot under this Agreement will be considered confidential information and will not be disclosed by Polipilot. Upon termination of this Agreement, all information held by Polipilot will be permanently deleted from the Platform.

Limitation of Liability

The Platform has not been prepared specifically for the Company, and Polipilot provides the Platform "as is" and as a single version. Polipilot does not make any claims or commitments that the Platform will completely meet the specific needs of the Company. The decision to update, develop, or change the Platform lies with Polipilot. Polipilot reserves the right to make changes in the Platform, release new versions, expanded formats, etc., add new features to the Platform, or remove existing features.

In the Platform, within the standards similar to those in the market, errors, flaws, and interruptions may occur that do not prevent the Company's continuous use. Polipilot does not guarantee that the Platform is compatible with every device or web browser used by the Company. The Company acknowledges that the quality of access to the Platform is largely dependent on the quality of the internet service provider it uses and that Polipilot has no responsibility in case of problems arising from the quality of this service.

Polipilot is responsible for taking precautions within similar market standards to ensure that the Platform is free from viruses and similar malicious software. In addition, for ultimate security, the Company and Platform Users must provide their virus protection system in the tools they use to access the Platform and ensure the necessary protection. Polipilot will not be responsible for data losses and data leaks caused by viruses or other malicious software found in the tools through which the Company accesses the Platform.

The use of the Platform or data in any form, replacing legal expert opinion, consultancy, or other professional advice on whether insurance programs and applications are reasonable, applicable, or accurate.

To the extent permitted by applicable law, Polipilot will not be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages, including but not limited to loss of profits, reputation, and goodwill, resulting from the use of the Platform.

The total liability of Polipilot and its employees, board members, managers, agents, consultants, and contractors ("Related Persons") for any reason arising from this Agreement, tort (including negligence), breach of legal obligations, or other reasons, is limited to the annual total amount of fees paid to Polipilot for the Platform. In any case, Polipilot and the Related Persons will not be liable for any incidental, special, punitive, or indirect damages (including loss of revenue, loss of profit, or other financial losses), regardless of the form of action.

Polipilot may disclose the Company's information when required by law as a legal obligation, to comply with legal requirements, or to protect and defend the rights and property of the Platform and Polipilot.


The Company may cancel its Platform subscription at any time without stating any reason. However, in such a case, the subscription cancellation will take effect on the invoice date for the next month, and the Company will be liable for the Service Fee up to that date.

Each party may terminate this Agreement immediately if (i) one party fails to fulfil its obligations, the other party notifies the party in breach in writing and the party in breach does not remedy the breach within thirty (30) days after receiving the notification, or (ii) the other party becomes subject to bankruptcy proceedings, becomes insolvent, is placed under the control of a trustee or enters into any form of legal control, or ceases its operations. In such a termination, the Company will only be liable for the fee for the uses up to the termination date, and any unused subscription period under the prepaid Service Fee, if any, will be refunded to the Company by Polipilot as of the termination date.


The Service fee for Platform usage will be invoiced by Polipilot to the Company monthly, starting from the subscription start date. Payment by the Company must be made within ten (10) days from the date of delivery of the invoice. If payment is not made on time and in full, Polipilot may suspend or cancel the use of the Platform.

Force Majeure

In all cases considered as force majeure, none of the parties shall be held responsible for the delay or failure to perform their obligations arising from this Agreement. Force majeure shall be interpreted as events occurring beyond the reasonable control of the relevant party, including but not limited to natural disasters, riots, wars, strikes, lockouts, telecommunication infrastructure failures, power outages, and adverse weather conditions. During the force majeure period, the parties' obligations will be suspended.


Polipilot may change, update, or cancel the terms of this Agreement by notifying the Company by e-mail. The modified, updated, or repealed provisions will be effective for the Company as of the date of notification to the Company via e-mail. If the Company does not accept such changes, updates, or cancellations, the Company reserves the unilateral and non-compensated right to terminate this Agreement.


The Company's approval of this Agreement on the Platform by online means and/or acceptance in accordance with a Service Proposal means that the Company has read and accepted this Agreement, and accordingly, it has been concluded and entered into effect mutually. This Agreement will remain in effect unless terminated by one of the parties. However, the provisions of this Agreement related to Platform Subscription and Usage, Intellectual Property, Limitation of Liability, and Applicable Law and Authorized Court will remain valid even after termination.

Applicable Law and Authorized Court

This Agreement is subject to the laws of England in all respects, and it will be interpreted according to these laws. In the resolution of disputes arising from this Agreement, regardless of the place of conclusion or performance, London Courts will have exclusive jurisdiction.